2012 in make-up color and style

Oct 02, 12 2012 in make-up color and style

In fashion everything matters, from the clothes you wear to your eye-shadow and eye-liner. In make-up, things seem to be changing rather rapidly, so you should always keep an eye on what designers have to say about their colors. For the year 2012, the word bold means something in make-up as well. Some of the world’s biggest fashion icons like Michael Kors, Jason Wu or the famous house of Marchessa give out valuable secrets about what women should choose in matters of make-up.However, all fashionable women should be aware of the fact that before moving on to the makeup, we must have a little skin care talk. After all, makeup should only be worn in order to highlight our natural beauty and not to hide skin problems.
In order not to bore you with the skin care talk, we just want to remind you that twice a day, you should take care of your skin care routine. The routine is the same in the morning as it is in the evening: cleaning, tonic and hydration. You need three separate products which need to be suited for your skin. If you do this 3 steps, you will prevent most of the skin products and your face will be like a clean canvas on which you can apply the most delicious makeup products.

Black cherry

This year’s specialists tell us all about black cherry lips. There is nothing better to complement the weather in the fall than this color. If you want to be hip and updated, then go for the bold colors. The runways are full of black cherry, dark brown and even a strong and powerful red. The secret is to keep it blind. Don’t think of a glossy look anymore. It is out. The danger in wearing such a make-up is going a bit too far. If you have strong colored lips, then keep the rest simple. The idea is to spice up a natural look with a lipstick.

Disco is back

As for the eyes, it seems that in make-up disco is back. A more serious version, but still disco. Use a dark shade, like black and add a bit of sparkle, not to be taken for a rock fan. You could apply this make-up for the evening, leaving a larger layer on your eyelid, or if you are a courageous girl then draw only a dusty line to wear in the day time. If you are a fan of smoky-eyes , then you are safe, because they are still in. You could go a bit wild and try to go for purple or dark blue smoky-eyes.You could even create a green and gold shadowy make-up, it’s perfect for the fall. This is what having personality is all about. The eye liner is crazy this fall. Michael Kors uses a light green eyeliner on his catwalks. Mascara is not be forgotten. A dark, but not very thick layer on your eyelashes will make your eyes look dashing.

Red blush

To complete your make-up, you mustn’t forget about the blush. Pink blush is out. This fall we are using red blush. Your cheeks will make your look a bit childish and playful. Be careful when applying red blush, because it can give you a hard time. Don’t put too much on the brush at once, you wouldn’t want to look like a plastic puppet. An interesting piece of news is only for boys. It seems that the New York fashion catwalks are giving us a bit of homework to think about. Are only women supposed to wear make-up or men as well? The red lipstick madness has made some victims among the men and it seems that 2012 encourages this idea. So, if there are brave men among us, then they should go for it. It is definitely trendy.

2012 has proven to be a surprising year. From clothes to accessories, from perfumes to make-up, news just keep coming from the catwalks and loyal women are interested to find out what comes next. The year has not yet passed and there will definitely be more tips.