A world of luxury, high end fashion

Oct 08, 12 A world of luxury, high end fashion

When you say luxury, you say one of a kind objects, champagne and celebrities and  high end fashion is exactly this. Delicate materials, precious accessories and crocodile skin, this is what pops out in one’s mind, when thinking of designer wears, so what better way to express your status in society than to show your appreciation for exquisite fashion items? Such accessories can turn any outfit into a head turner. Whether you are a fan of cute short haircuts or long golden locks, you would definitely look like a diva if you were to wear a luxury item like this. It is true that high end fashion is not for everyone, only for the chosen few, so here are three of the most expensive items in fashion that will tell why not everyone is allowed in this world.

The sparkling diamond purse

The clutch is the ultimate purse, every true fahionista has to own one, otherwise she cannot be taken seriously in the fashion world. Because high end fashion is extravaganza, here is the most expensive bag ever. The diamond clutch, designed by the House of Mouawad, is made up 4,500 precious rocks, all having a weight of 381 carats. It is heart shaped, having in the middle 56 pink diamonds and the work was performed by 10 craftsmen, taking  them 4 months to complete it. Believe it or not, this clutch costs more than a small European castle. How much? Only $3,8 million.
Dorothy’s ruby slippers

As the 50th anniversary of the Dorothy movie was rapidly approaching, Warner Bros gave all the famous designers something to think about: what would Dorothy wear in 2011? The well known jeweler Harry Winston wanted to show his love for the movie ‘Wizard of Oz’ in a different way, so he created a pair of ruby slippers, that ended up costing 3 million dollars. They are made up diamonds and rubies, in total a 1,500 carat weight and the designer had to work two months to finish the shoes. It was worth the while, as they are now considered the most expensive pair of shoes in the entire world.

Black diamond dress

Debbie Wingham, a name that only this year became largely known to the public, created the most expensive gown in the world. A long black, diamond encrusted dress, that seems to complement the body of a woman, was presented in an appropriate place, the Billionares’ Club in Monte Carlo. Made up of 50 two carat black diamonds, the dress is not at all easy to wear, because  it weights 13 kilos.  In order to make this gown, the designer had to work for six long months, but it was worth every second. She was not the first to come up with the idea of a diamond encrusted dress, but she managed in making the most expensive one, the black gown wearing the stiff price of 5.7 million $.

A dress like this this will suit any money as all eyes will immediately fall upon it. As we said before. So whether you like cute short haircuts or long hairstyles, whether you are blonde or brunette, you have golden or olive skin, you will definitely rock this dress.
High end fashion is not way

High end fashion is no way of cutting deals and everybody knows it, so the people interested in this kind of designer wear are all about the luxury. Some say that this can be regarded as an investment plan, because, for example, one can purchase the diamond clutch due to the extremely high value of the precious rocks. No matter the reasons for buying these items, it is good to know you can afford them. Sometimes, fashion is about appearances, so if you want to make an impression, you can buy somewhat more expensive materials, such as satin or lace and create your own high end fashion inspired dresses. Read sewing machine reviews before you do that, because you don’t want to ruin an otherwise great DIY project with loose threads hanging from the dress hem.