Authentic designer sunglasses – they look good and they protect you

Nov 27, 12 Authentic designer sunglasses – they look good and they protect you

Sunglasses aren’t just a trendy accessory: first of all, they are something you use for protection. They protect our eyes and enhance visual skills, even for those who have perfect eyesight. Optics stores, as well as make-up stalls, are loaded with various lines of authentic designer sunglasses which offer you so many makeover options that at one point you forget their basic purpose: sunglasses were invented to help us see better. Ophthalmologists say that if people used proper sunglasses, 90,000 out of 10,000 eye problems could be avoided. So no matter if you want to be a fashion victim or the mysterious woman with smoky glasses, when you decide to buy a pair, take into account those options which can improve the health of your eyes. You’d be surprised to hear this, but most designers don’t just create beautiful accessories, so the sunglasses they make are more qualitative than others, protecting your eyes from harmful UV radiations. When your eyes are exposed to the sun for too long, their natural protection methods can no longer cope and you need special sunglasses, with protective lenses, which have the function of eliminating short wavelength radiations (ultra-violet rays and blue-violet light), harmful for optical tissues, and attenuating intensity.
Ultraviolet filters are obligatory when it comes to sunglasses, because ultraviolet rays increase the risk of skin cancer around the eyes, cataract or macular degeneration Generally speaking, the absorption level of the anti-UV lenses should be between 10 and 90%. There are four categories of solar filters, with many recommendations on how to wear them: category 0-1 (clear, transparent filter), destined for indoor use or cloudy days; category 2 (medium filter), for moderate lighting, category 3 (dark filter), for general use, in strong sunlight; category 4 (very dark filter), for very bright sunlight, at high altitudes pr when there are highly reflecting surfaces (the sea, lakes). There are more types of solar filters – normal filter, which involves the presence of a homogenous and stable color at the surface of the lens; photochromatic filter, which gets darker in under sunlight and gets brighter when the radiation diminishes; polarizing filter – which filters reflected sunlight, removing horizontal rays completely, allowing only vertical rays to be transmitted to the eyes. They significantly improve eyesight, color perception and contrast, assuring visual comfort, even in the case of very bright light. Last but not least, there is the degrade filter, with a special design, ideal of driving, because it diminishes brightness, but still allows perfect visibility.

A really important aspect when it comes to choosing authentic designer sunglasses is shape and size. There are many designs available, but the key to finding the best one is analyze the shape of your face and, most of all, choose only the ones which make you comfortable and don’t make your eyes sore. As for the color, it depends both on practical and fashion criteria. Brown, gray and green lenses modify the least the color of objects, while blue and purple distort their color the most. If you use to work in brigh light or you spend a lot of time in front of the computer, a subtle shade of amber or pink calms the eye and relaxes you.