Autumn winter 2013 trends – all drama

Oct 08, 13 Autumn winter 2013 trends – all drama

Now that summer has ended, designers are ready to tell the world what the next season will bring them. Fashion lovers can forget about bright colors and soft fabrics, as 2013 is the year of the drama queen! There is no denying it, long coats, heavy fabrics and dark, vibrant colors, this is what designers have already prepared for their restless public! 2013 is definitely the year in which sophisticated patterns can have their say! Here are some tips which might come in handy for all fashionistas out there!


First of all, it is high time you invested in a long woolen coat. If you don’t already have one laying somewhere back in the closet, then start your autumn winter shopping spree! Stores all over the world have already received such items and will gladly offer interested clients some of the best pieces there are. In 2013, a coat must have personality. This is the golden rule. If you want to be the ultimate drama queen there is, then here is what you should look for. An arched model is what counts this year. The lines of the coat have to follow the lines of your body, providing you with style, class and an overall sophisticated look. Another element which is very appreciated in 2013 is the combination in materials.

There are numerous coats which have the sleeves made from leather, while the rest of the item is made from a woolen material. Furthermore, because color is essential, this is what you have to remember: Dark red, dark green and dark blue. Black continues to maintain its leading position. This rule is valid for shoes as well. However, when it comes to shoes, the model is very important! High heels, sharp tip and patent leather, this is all you have to remember about 2013 shoes. Of course if you could find black and white shoes, it would be perfect, as this is exact;y what designers are talking about.

Drama queen means taking sophistication and elegance to an entirely different level. An outfit would never be complete without a well chosen scar and a pair of dazzling gloves. Interesting scarf are not that hard to find and designers are willing to allow you to wear a vintage one, if it is drama enough. Since interesting means pattern, this is where fashion lovers will have their saying. One of the 2013 tests of fire is this one, being able to mix the design on your coat with the one on your scarf. An elegant coat doesn’t have to be simple. For instance, you can always go for the velvet version, with a detailed pattern. In this case, the scarf should have a similar pattern. Stripes are not an option. As for the gloves, these have to be elegant. Simple or full of details, the idea is to make you look sophisticated. 2013 is all about making a statement, being present in the world of fashion. Try being yourself through the clothes you wear and you just can’t go wrong.