Interesting ideas for an amazing outfit

Apr 04, 17 Interesting ideas for an amazing outfit

If you want to make everybody like you from the firs moments after meeting you, it means that you need to be very careful with your style. You already know that the first impression is very important, so make sure that you will always try to look good because you will never know whom you will met. However, you must look beautiful every day because it will make you feel more confident and you will have more courage to do some important things. If you don’t pay attention to your look just because you don’t like buying some expensive clothes, you should know that you will need just a few ideas in order to obtain a spectacular look. For example, you can buy satin ribbons and use them in order to create some beautiful accessories or you can also recreate some of your clothes. If you don’t believe that you can obtain something spectacular, you should just try it once and you will see that you will make a great job.


Chic necklace

You need to concentrate more on wearing some special accessories in order to add more style to your outfit. For example, you can create a beautiful necklace with the help of some cheap materials like ribbons. The best thing is that you will save so much money and you will wear something unique. It is very important to be creative and use your imagination when creating something like that. Don’t forget that you will have to do everything slowly because such projects require attention. You can only use the ribbons, or you can use some other materials like beads that you can sew on the ribbons or some unusual buttons. You will see that all your colleagues from your work place and your friends will appreciate the fact that you are wearing something that has been created with your own hands.

Get inspired from fashion magazines

If you don’t want to make a great mistake, you should try to start with creating some perfect outfits after reading some fashion magazines. Don’t forget that you should always add your own mark because it is not good to copy everything in detail. Try to be creative and pay more attention to accessories because they are always saving you from being too simple and boring. Don’t be afraid to wear some accessories that you have created because they are the most interesting ones.

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Details worth considering when looking for abayas

Mar 06, 17 Details worth considering when looking for abayas


Abayas are known as a fashion-icon when it comes to the Arabic culture, yet they are not worn only by Muslim women. Females from all over the world who love to be in trends look for these clothing items in stores, either land-based or online ones. However, in order to ensure you select an abaya of the highest quality, there are some important aspects worth considering, so here are some useful tips for you if you want to buy abayas online.


Know that abayas come in a wide range of materials and fabrics. There are several essential details you have to take into account when choosing the right abaya for you and one of them is the climate. If you live in a country where temperatures are high most part of the year, it is recommended to go for lighter-weight materials, such as velvet or silk, especially if you intend to wear pants or skirts underneath this piece of clothing, whereas for cooler climates, you can select velvet abayas.


Even though abayas are loose garments, fit is still an important detail to consider, since there are different types of clothes according to different body shapes. Those that come looser on the bottom part are recommended for women with pear-shape body type, whereas those that are more voluminous are a better choice for slender women. For females who wear heels on a daily basis, the abaya should always be several inches longer to make sure it fits them perfectly.


Traditional abayas come in black, yet this is not the only colour you can find on the market. Depending on the occasion you intend to wear this clothing item, you can opt for different designs and colours, such as red, green, blue, purple and so on. For instance, you can go for a black abaya that has some astonishing red and gold embroidery applied on the sleeves and match it with a gold or red hijab.


As it was mentioned above, the occasion is a detail worth considering when choosing which abaya to wear. For special occasions such as weddings, it is recommended to opt for an abaya that comes with some metallic or lace fabrics applied on the black material, as this outfit will definitely make you stand out.

All things considered, choosing the perfect abaya to buy is not as complicated as it seems if you take into account these useful tips.


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Interesting ideas that can complete your romantic look

Jan 24, 17 Interesting ideas that can complete your romantic look

If you are planning to go out with some of your old friends from childhood, you should think about the fact that you will make so many pictures and you need to have a stunning appearance. But, you have to look very good every single day, so you have to consider some tips. A romantic look will always highlight some of your special qualities, so you should always be very careful with the type of accessories that you will wear. Ribbons are a simple element that can transform your appearance in just a few seconds. If you want to have an unusual hairstyle or to wear a beautiful and gentle dress, you should think to buy satin ribbons because you can use them in many different ways. You should remember that you don’t need to buy expensive accessories if you want to complete your look considering the fact that ribbons are so affordable.


Wear ribbons in your curly hair

If you are tired with your ordinary hairstyle, you must know that you don’t need to cut it in order to make it look different and spectacular because everything you have to do is to make it curly and after that, you may use a beautiful ribbon in order to complete the look. You can use it around your hair and make a little bow, or you can braid half of your hear and at the end tie it with your elegant ribbon. Make sure that the colour will match the whole look because it is very important to make everything look good together. You can try this style more often because it is so much better than to simply let your hair flow. Pay more attention to details, but be careful because it is not good to wear many different accessories at the same time, so chose just two or three, depending on your clothes and shoes.

Make your bags look special

If you like bags, you need to know that you can make them look even better. Maybe you are tired with some models and you were planning to throw them away. But this is not a good idea because there is something that you can do in order to make them look different. It is a great idea to use some colourful or satin ribbons and tie them on the handle because you will make it look very chic and romantic. You don’t need to buy some others as long as you can make them look different every day.

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Here is how you can redesign some old clothes

Jan 24, 17 Here is how you can redesign some old clothes

Every once in a while, women take a look at their wardrobe and see a bunch of clothes they had not worn in ages and do not know exactly what to do with them – to throw or not to throw them away? Well, the answer is definitely NOT, especially if they were some very appreciated pieces of clothing. With some imagination and some ribbons that you have ordered from online stores such as, you can make those clothes look like new. Here are some great tips.


Use ribbons to add an elegant look

It is for sure that you have a t-shirt or a shirt that you fell in love with at some point but that you no longer wear. Well in order to fall in love with it again, you can consider attaching a piece of ribbon onto the collar of the shirt that you can turn into a bow. Besides the fact that this project does not take you too much time, it is also a cost-effective one, since you save money by not spending any on new clothes and the ribbons you have to buy are at very reasonable prices on the market.

Take two pieces of clothing and make one

Another very ingenious idea on how to redesign some of your clothes is to take two pieces of clothing and to combine them in order to make a single piece. Although this may sound very complicated, it is in fact not. For instance, you take one shirt and remove the front side completely. Then you take the other shirt and only keep the front side. You sew the two pieces together very carefully and you obtain one new shirt that looks amazing and that is definitely unique.

Make your skirt more colourful

Last but not least, another very creative idea you can opt for is to make that old, out of fashion skirt come back to life. You can do this very easily – take several pieces of ribbon and sew them onto the skirt. You can choose ribbons that match the pattern and colour of the skirt or you can choose some that come in completely different colours and patterns in order to give the skirt a more colourful and vivid look.

All things considered, these are only a few ideas on how you can make use of some pieces of clothing you have not worn for a long time.

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Wearing statement jewellery – rules to follow

Sep 21, 16 Wearing statement jewellery – rules to follow

It is generally agreed that jewelleries can actually bring life to an outfit and they can make it suitable for different types of occasions, which is why most women always like to renew their accessory collection with some new pieces every once in a while. However, things are slightly different when it comes to statement accessories, since in order to look fashionable and amaze everyone, you need to follow some important rules after you buy women’s jewellery from a reliable and professional online store.


Too much is not good

Statement accessories are to be paid greater attention compared to regular ones. Bold pieces are meant to make you stand out from the crowd, so do not exaggerate with them and over-crowd your look by wearing statement jewelleries that are too close to each other. It is best to wear them one at a time, but if you really want to wear two pieces at once, make sure you combine a necklace or earrings with a statement bracelet for instance, and never bold necklace and earrings at the same time.

Simplicity remains the most complicated thing

These big jewelleries are best accessorized with simple, plain clothes. Fashion experts claim that it is advisable to avoid wearing clothes that come in a specific pattern or design with statement jewelleries, since this will make your look over-crowded. Going for a little black dress with an attention-grabbing piece of statement jewellery is the best choice you can make for a cocktail part of a Friday night out with your friends.

Earrings have their own secrets

Keep in mind that earrings are not as easy to choose as many might think, since you have to take into consideration certain factors. They will immediately attract others attention towards you the moment you walk into the room, so make sure they perfectly frame your face. They should match the shape of your face and should enhance your features as well, especially if it is about statement earrings. Pay attention to every detail when choosing the right pair, including length, shape, colour and outfit coordination.

Adorn your arms with cuff bracelets

It is generally agreed that cuff bracelets can be a great choice for wearing statement jewellery. In case you decide to accessorize your outfit with some big bracelets, you should bear in mind that you have to either leave your arms bare or wear the cuffs over slim-fitting long sleeve that comes in one colour only. What is more, you should wear only one cuff in order to attract more attention and create a focal point.

Rules for wearing big rings

Bold rings are definitely gorgeous and they draw attention to hands immediately, but knowing how to wear them, that is the tricky thing. When wearing big rings, it is important to make sure you also have had your manicure and your nails look perfect, since people will notice your nails right after noticing the ring. The colour of the nail polish should not clash with the colours the ring comes with, which is why it is not recommended to wear a colourful bold ring with colourful manicures.

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Advantages of buying from online fashion store

Sep 21, 16 Advantages of buying from online fashion store

Nowadays, almost everybody has at least one smart gadget which helps him or her being connected to the Internet. But, what is more interesting is that people are becoming more and more dependent on the online services because they consider them very convenient. This fact determinates the owners of various types of stores and shops to invest more in their online activity.


More precisely, they invest a significant part of their budget in online marketing strategies which include promoting their brands on social media. Fashion industry is affected mostly by this phenomenon. This is the reason why, according to studies, the online fashion store is one of the most appreciated idea of business.


A few reasons for choosing an online fashion store


Buying things such as accessories, shoes or clothes from online fashion stores may be a good idea because it gives you the opportunity to find a great variety of items. Moreover, it proves to be less tiring because you can do the shopping right from your cosy sofa, without having to go from one shop to another. It’s good for your back and shoulders too because you don’t have to carry some heavy bags full of things. When you order things from online store, they are usually brought to your home.


On the other hand, there are some persons who prove to be shyer and who don’t like to interact with sellers. So, when they do online shopping, they avoid the occurred moment of talking with a sale assistant who is interested in selling its products.


Furthermore, buying from online fashion stores helps people having a better management when it comes to their time and money. Usually, offline fashion stores have a schedule that they have to respect and sometimes it’s difficult to arrive there on time, especially if you have a long working program. But, you can buy from an online fashion store whenever you have some free moments. For example, if you may do your shopping during your lunch break or before going to sleep. Also, you can make comparisons between prices, in order to choose the best offers.


Some types and tricks regarding online fashion stores


  1. Before doing your online shopping, make sure that you know exactly what your size is.
  2. Be aware to your personal information and the payment methods!
  3. Try to keep up with promotions and offers. A good idea is to subscribe in order to receive newsletter directly on your e-mail address. But if you find these e-mails annoying, ask them not to send you anymore.
  4. Ask the opinion of your friends. Maybe you like a dress from an online fashion store but it doesn’t fit you! So ask someone you can trust in order to take a wise decision!
  5. Price isn’t everything that matters. Try to act rational, even if you have your money on a shopping card. Unfortunately, people have the tendency to be careless when it comes to online payments, until they find out that their card is empty and all their saving is gone.


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