Are dermal fillers a good choice

Jun 16, 14 Are dermal fillers a good choice

Dermal fillers have practically revolutionized the plastic medicine industry since they have allowed people to obtain a younger complexion without having to undergo major surgery. However, as with any medical treatment, these products are not without side effects and those who want to try them should be aware of all the risks. There are many products on the market, such as Juvederm, that people are eager to try, but they forget to do the proper research and find out if they are actually safe or if they are prone to severe problems after using them.

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2012 Louis Vuitton purses collection

Nov 14, 13 2012 Louis Vuitton purses collection

There is nothing which expresses elegance and fashion addiction better than the Louis Vuitton purses. Women all over the world have understood that if you want to get an entry pass in the high end fashion world, you have to own at least one item made by this international fashion icon. From purses to shoes and scarves, Luis Vuitton has been enchanting the world of clothing and models for years, easily turning into a trademark for extravagance. 2012 has proven to a new opportunity for creating handbags of all shapes and sizes, which promise to revolutionize the world of fashion.

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Autumn winter 2013 trends – all drama

Oct 08, 13 Autumn winter 2013 trends – all drama

Now that summer has ended, designers are ready to tell the world what the next season will bring them. Fashion lovers can forget about bright colors and soft fabrics, as 2013 is the year of the drama queen! There is no denying it, long coats, heavy fabrics and dark, vibrant colors, this is what designers have already prepared for their restless public! 2013 is definitely the year in which sophisticated patterns can have their say! Here are some tips which might come in handy for all fashionistas out there!


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Authentic designer sunglasses – they look good and they protect you

Nov 27, 12 Authentic designer sunglasses – they look good and they protect you

Sunglasses aren’t just a trendy accessory: first of all, they are something you use for protection. They protect our eyes and enhance visual skills, even for those who have perfect eyesight. Optics stores, as well as make-up stalls, are loaded with various lines of authentic designer sunglasses which offer you so many makeover options that at one point you forget their basic purpose: sunglasses were invented to help us see better. Ophthalmologists say that if people used proper sunglasses, 90,000 out of 10,000 eye problems could be avoided. So no matter if you want to be a fashion victim or the mysterious woman with smoky glasses, when you decide to buy a pair, take into account those options which can improve the health of your eyes. You’d be surprised to hear this, but most designers don’t just create beautiful accessories, so the sunglasses they make are more qualitative than others, protecting your eyes from harmful UV radiations. When your eyes are exposed to the sun for too long, their natural protection methods can no longer cope and you need special sunglasses, with protective lenses, which have the function of eliminating short wavelength radiations (ultra-violet rays and blue-violet light), harmful for optical tissues, and attenuating intensity.

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Define your style with Vintage Ray Ban Aviators

Nov 07, 12 Define your style with Vintage Ray Ban Aviators

Ray Ban sunglasses are some of the most iconic brands in the eyewear industry and a popular choice among celebrities who want to make a stylish appearance at different high profile events. The world’s best selling brand has become synonymous with the celebrity and fashion scene due to the prominence and reputation of the company and the wide range of versions of sunglasses that complement virtually any style and personal preferences. Our society is crazy about appearances and style is definitely one of the most powerful factors that influence its development, whether it’s found in wearing designer clothing or quality fashion eyewear. There are new trends arising every year so the fashion industry, with all its segments, is continually expanding and more and more individuals are spending huge amounts of money in the attempt to be always fashionable. The interesting aspect is that Ray Ban sunglasses have stood the test of time, boasting a timelessly style which never fails to make a powerful statement. Moreover, Vintage Ray Ban Aviators represent a classic style of eyewear that enjoys an amazing popularity in the fashion industry, particularly due to their high volume of usage in both film and music industry.

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A world of luxury, high end fashion

Oct 08, 12 A world of luxury, high end fashion

When you say luxury, you say one of a kind objects, champagne and celebrities and  high end fashion is exactly this. Delicate materials, precious accessories and crocodile skin, this is what pops out in one’s mind, when thinking of designer wears, so what better way to express your status in society than to show your appreciation for exquisite fashion items? Such accessories can turn any outfit into a head turner. Whether you are a fan of cute short haircuts or long golden locks, you would definitely look like a diva if you were to wear a luxury item like this. It is true that high end fashion is not for everyone, only for the chosen few, so here are three of the most expensive items in fashion that will tell why not everyone is allowed in this world.

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