Looking perfect on your prom night

Jul 02, 15 Looking perfect on your prom night

The graduation prom is one of the most important events in the life of a high school person. Everyone wants to look just perfect when they celebrate their time spent in high school and they say goodbye to the people they have spent the last four years of their life with. While for boys, preparations only imply buying a new tuxedo, girls need to take care of many more things. Of course, all these preparations make for a wonderful experience, so if you are the one getting ready for your prom, this is what you need to take care of to look just perfect:

The makeup

The makeup for your special evening should highlight your best qualities and cover up any unwanted imperfections such as a zit or minor scars. A prom makeup Ottawa artist will be able to do your makeup properly and allow you to look beautiful on this day. Of course, the prom makeup for a 17-year-old girl should not be very intense, but still, you need a little something to look good for the photos. There are professional products that will prevent those unwanted shiny faces from appearing in every photo you take that evening so that when you look back over your photo album, you will be proud of the way you look at the end of your high school years.

The hairstyle

The hairstyle plays a major role in the overall prom look. Regardless of the hairstyle that you choose, we advise you to first straighten your hair with a good flat iron. The flat iron will discipline frizzy hairs and it will give your hair a glossy finish. If you don’t have a flat iron, you should buy one as it can come in handy in many situations. It can also be used for creating loose curls or beach waves. As far as the actual hairstyle goes, choose a relaxed hairstyle with a bohemian vibe. Braids are very popular at the moment so you might want to integrate a braid or two in your hairstyle. When you are done, use hairspray to fix the hairstyle and a shinning serum in order to give it a glossy finish.

The dress

Many girls are very excited about this part of their preparations because they finally get to choose a prom dress that they like and they look fabulous in. Try choosing something colorful such as red, green or blue and stay back from the black dresses because most girls will be wearing black. While a black dress is always elegant, you will definitely make a statement if you choose something with a little more color in it. Choose something that you like and that you know looks amazing on you and you will feel confident and beautiful throughout the evening.

The shoes

The shoes are just as important as the makeup and the dress because they can make or break your evening. You want to choose something elegant, with a little heel, but also something in which you can feel comfortable and dance all night without any problems. Keep in mind that going barefoot in the middle of the party is not very lady-like, so choose a pair of shoes that has both comfort and elegance.



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