Benefits of attending make-up lessons

Jul 22, 15 Benefits of attending make-up lessons

Putting some makeup on is something probably most women know how to do. But if you are passionate about fashion and beauty, you may want to go the extra mile and learn from professionals. Makeup classes are very popular nowadays, so if you want to find out new techniques and use professional products, then you should subscribe for one of these. Although you may think that this type of stuff is not made for you, you may end up discovering that you have some skills you had no idea about. A specialized training will help you see things differently and learn tricks that makeup artists Ottawa use, so soon enough you can consider yourself a pro. Even if becoming a makeup artist is not something you have dreamed of, advanced knowledge will prove to be extremely useful and you will start seeing the positive changes in no time.


You will discover a new dimension of makeup

Once you have finished the class, you will be amazed by the amount of things you did not know. You may be able to put some color around your eyes or on your lips, but you can actually do magic through makeup, if you know how to use cosmetics properly. You can start by attending some beginner classes, and then evolve towards advanced knowledge. You will discover that beauty is actually science: you have to choose the right shade to highlight a certain eye color or you can play with shadows in order to make your face’s form seem different.


These classes will help you save some money

You probably know the basics, but when it comes to getting ready for an important event, you probably choose to go to a professional salon. The experts working there definitely know what to do, but they also charge considerable amounts of money. For this reason, knowing how to deal with the situation yourself will help you avoid a series of expenses, and this is exactly what the classes can do for you: teach you how to prepare for any occasion.


You get the chance to learn from professionals

Most of the times, the people who deliver these classes are expert makeup artists, so you can be sure that you learn from the best. In order to be part of this industry, you must have a professional degree, and since not all universities have a special section for this, an alternative lesson is the best option. In addition to this, besides the diploma, you will also get great referrals after graduating, which will prove extremely useful if you are planning to work in the field.

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How to relax after a long day of shopping

Mar 05, 15 How to relax after a long day of shopping

We all know how strenuous and tiring a long day of shopping can be and we have all seen that looking for hours and hours to find the perfect attire is not as glamorous and exciting as the commercials show it. After running to and fro in large shopping centres and visiting all of the major designer stores in town, there is no wonder that our body feels exhausted. Indeed, we may be overcome with joy and excitement because we have bought yet another incredible outfit but that does not mean our body feels the same. Furthermore, we all know that horrible feeling we get after a long time of looking for shoes and trying on different pairs. Remember that annoying little neck pain you have all day after bending over and looking down at shoes one too many times? That and many more can be an element of the past with the help of a simple visit to the best beauty salon Kirkstall has to offer! It seems like a rather odd place to go in this case, doesn’t it? The truth of the matter is that beauty salons are no longer the places where we ladies get our hair and nails done. They provide many more additional services which are perfect for avid shoppers and tired modern women, so stick with us and discover one of the best kept secrets of the shopping world: professional Swedish massage!


One of the most popular manners of unwinding and achieving the perfect relaxation after a long day of work or searching through local stores is the one based on getting a Swedish massage. The amazing properties and highly calming results that it offers are the best way to loosen up those thigh and soaring muscles. It is not hard to understand when your body is feeling stresses and overused, so taking a few moments off and indulging yourself in a moment of pure pampering. But you don’t have to go to a faraway resort or a spa centre miles from your town to find the best massage experts available. As a matter of fact, you can benefit from the same high quality results if you go to a premium beauty centre or salon because these establishments are no longer focused solely on catering to the hair and nails like it was the tradition in their field. Nowadays, you can go to salons to have skin treatments done, to get facials, to have complex waxing jobs done and to receive the best relaxation massage you have ever tried.


Swedish massages are the most common and frequently asked types so make sure you begin with this when you go to a salon. It combines long strokes with flowing ones and has proven results in invigorating or relaxing the body after physical effort or prolonged tension in the muscles. All of the experts recommending it cannot be wrong, but you won’t be able to see just how right we are until you try it out for yourself!

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Style up your wedding with exquisite bridal jewelry sets!

Feb 10, 15 Style up your wedding with exquisite bridal jewelry sets!

Do you fantasize about having the dream wedding? Do you happen to lose yourself in thoughts regarding the ceremony to come and the way things will unveil throughout the happy day? There is nothing more natural and normal for women than to feel the joy of getting married, of tying their destiny to the one they love and pondering about the wedding celebrations months in advance is completely understandable. However, if these dreams of pulling off the perfect event are not turned into reality, then you might find yourself filled with regret in the years to come. So what does a woman need to know in order to achieve the impossible and have a wedding day she will love 20 years from now? The secret lies in great planning and finding the most qualitative providers. From a fashion point of view, this narrows the problems down to discovering the best shops to purchase your attire from. And this is the tricky part! Most of the modern day women have understood and thoroughly taken into account the importance of a magnificent gown and having the perfect clothing for this once in a lifetime event. Kudos to them but what about the accessories? What about the jewelry, earrings, necklaces and bracelets to be worn on that special day? Too few ladies worry about these aspects and this is precisely where everything goes wrong. Therefore, here are a couple of tips and things to consider when buying the most important, yet oftentimes neglected part of the wedding fashion ensemble: the bridal jewelry sets! Stick with us and read all about these incredible accessories as well as the best place to find them.


Bridal sets or jewelry items are perhaps the most ignored and forgotten part of the wedding attire. Although there is no practical reason why this happens, reality and statistics have shown that ladies oftentimes worry about the dress, first of all, the veil, secondly, and then if they have sufficient time they will start thinking about a necklace to wear or something to cover their neckline. And if their dress does not show too much cleavage, they can skip this step altogether. What a huge mistake! Regardless of the type and cut of the gown or the location of the party and any other motives, there is no reason to neglect the most stylish and important part of a look: the accessories.


Never forget that a complete look is never finished without at least one piece of accessory and this is precisely where the bridal sets come into place. You will have no problem mixing and matching the earring and bracelets together as the modern day sets are already combined in perfect harmony by the best specialists in the industry. Stop wasting time searching in traditional stores in your local area because the odds are you won’t find precisely what you are looking for. Instead, turn your focus to the online environment and start browsing the many web platforms dedicated to selling and delivering wedding accessories and bridal jewelry items. Go with a classic look of elegance by wearing white freshwater pearls and gems or give your look a more avant-garde feel with ivory or off-white pearls and gems. Crystals are almost always recommended for an event of this magnitude so don’t be afraid to bring a little shine and sparkle into your life!

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Autumn winter 2013 trends – all drama

Oct 08, 13 Autumn winter 2013 trends – all drama

Now that summer has ended, designers are ready to tell the world what the next season will bring them. Fashion lovers can forget about bright colors and soft fabrics, as 2013 is the year of the drama queen! There is no denying it, long coats, heavy fabrics and dark, vibrant colors, this is what designers have already prepared for their restless public! 2013 is definitely the year in which sophisticated patterns can have their say! Here are some tips which might come in handy for all fashionistas out there!


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A world of luxury, high end fashion

Oct 08, 12 A world of luxury, high end fashion

When you say luxury, you say one of a kind objects, champagne and celebrities and  high end fashion is exactly this. Delicate materials, precious accessories and crocodile skin, this is what pops out in one’s mind, when thinking of designer wears, so what better way to express your status in society than to show your appreciation for exquisite fashion items? Such accessories can turn any outfit into a head turner. Whether you are a fan of cute short haircuts or long golden locks, you would definitely look like a diva if you were to wear a luxury item like this. It is true that high end fashion is not for everyone, only for the chosen few, so here are three of the most expensive items in fashion that will tell why not everyone is allowed in this world.

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2012 in make-up color and style

Oct 02, 12 2012 in make-up color and style

In fashion everything matters, from the clothes you wear to your eye-shadow and eye-liner. In make-up, things seem to be changing rather rapidly, so you should always keep an eye on what designers have to say about their colors. For the year 2012, the word bold means something in make-up as well. Some of the world’s biggest fashion icons like Michael Kors, Jason Wu or the famous house of Marchessa give out valuable secrets about what women should choose in matters of make-up.However, all fashionable women should be aware of the fact that before moving on to the makeup, we must have a little skin care talk. After all, makeup should only be worn in order to highlight our natural beauty and not to hide skin problems.
In order not to bore you with the skin care talk, we just want to remind you that twice a day, you should take care of your skin care routine. The routine is the same in the morning as it is in the evening: cleaning, tonic and hydration. You need three separate products which need to be suited for your skin. If you do this 3 steps, you will prevent most of the skin products and your face will be like a clean canvas on which you can apply the most delicious makeup products.

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