Autumn winter 2013 trends – all drama

Oct 08, 13 Autumn winter 2013 trends – all drama

Now that summer has ended, designers are ready to tell the world what the next season will bring them. Fashion lovers can forget about bright colors and soft fabrics, as 2013 is the year of the drama queen! There is no denying it, long coats, heavy fabrics and dark, vibrant colors, this is what designers have already prepared for their restless public! 2013 is definitely the year in which sophisticated patterns can have their say! Here are some tips which might come in handy for all fashionistas out there!


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2012 in make-up color and style

Oct 02, 12 2012 in make-up color and style

In fashion everything matters, from the clothes you wear to your eye-shadow and eye-liner. In make-up, things seem to be changing rather rapidly, so you should always keep an eye on what designers have to say about their colors. For the year 2012, the word bold means something in make-up as well. Some of the world’s biggest fashion icons like Michael Kors, Jason Wu or the famous house of Marchessa give out valuable secrets about what women should choose in matters of make-up.However, all fashionable women should be aware of the fact that before moving on to the makeup, we must have a little skin care talk. After all, makeup should only be worn in order to highlight our natural beauty and not to hide skin problems.
In order not to bore you with the skin care talk, we just want to remind you that twice a day, you should take care of your skin care routine. The routine is the same in the morning as it is in the evening: cleaning, tonic and hydration. You need three separate products which need to be suited for your skin. If you do this 3 steps, you will prevent most of the skin products and your face will be like a clean canvas on which you can apply the most delicious makeup products.

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