Tips to buying the perfect diamond ring

Mar 28, 16 Tips to buying the perfect diamond ring

If you have decided to pop the big question and you want to surprise your girlfriend with a beautiful diamond ring, there are a few things you should look for when choosing the actual diamond, because you will not always find something good from the first try. Even though to you all rings might look the same, if you are about to make such a big investment, you might as well take your time and do the proper research on the matter:

Try collaborating with a wholesale supplier

Just because you will be researching a wholesale diamond supplier London, it does not mean that you need to buy several diamonds. The fact is that a professional will be in touch with other suppliers and will be able to find you exactly the diamond you were looking for, perhaps even at a lower price than you would normally find in a traditional store.

Choose the diamond shape

Another important part of your selection process implies choosing a certain shape. The round and princess shapes are the most popular ones, but there are many gorgeous diamond rings that have different shapes and that your girlfriend may actually prefer. If you are not exactly sure what shape she would prefer, have a look in her jewellery box and see whether or not she prefers classic jewellery or she only wears very modern ones. If you still cannot decide, you should try and pay attention to what she looks at the next time you go to the mall and pass by a jewellery store.

Mind the 4 Cs

The value of a diamond can be determined by colour, clarity, carat and cut of the stone. This is the reason why two diamonds which are apparently identical have two entirely different prices and why you should always deal with professionals when choosing a ring. Should you choose to work with someone who collaborates with wholesale diamond suppliers, you can always count on receiving something much better than you may find in a regular jewellery store. Also, be sure not to settle for the first ring you see in a store, as just because that is the best ring from that store, it may not be considered a very good ring when compared with others and analysing the 4 Cs.

Avoid buying online

Even though many stores claim their jewellery is of the highest quality, it is always better to see the product yourself before buying it. In addition, should you choose to buy it from a wholesaler or from a jewellery store, you will be able to ask for a second opinion or hire an expert to evaluate the stone properly.

These are the most important things you should keep in mind when buying a diamond ring. Of course, it all depends on your budget, so you should tell your advisor how much you are willing to invest in the ring, just so that they can show you the best possible diamond ring within that budget.

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Style up your wedding with exquisite bridal jewelry sets!

Feb 10, 15 Style up your wedding with exquisite bridal jewelry sets!

Do you fantasize about having the dream wedding? Do you happen to lose yourself in thoughts regarding the ceremony to come and the way things will unveil throughout the happy day? There is nothing more natural and normal for women than to feel the joy of getting married, of tying their destiny to the one they love and pondering about the wedding celebrations months in advance is completely understandable. However, if these dreams of pulling off the perfect event are not turned into reality, then you might find yourself filled with regret in the years to come. So what does a woman need to know in order to achieve the impossible and have a wedding day she will love 20 years from now? The secret lies in great planning and finding the most qualitative providers. From a fashion point of view, this narrows the problems down to discovering the best shops to purchase your attire from. And this is the tricky part! Most of the modern day women have understood and thoroughly taken into account the importance of a magnificent gown and having the perfect clothing for this once in a lifetime event. Kudos to them but what about the accessories? What about the jewelry, earrings, necklaces and bracelets to be worn on that special day? Too few ladies worry about these aspects and this is precisely where everything goes wrong. Therefore, here are a couple of tips and things to consider when buying the most important, yet oftentimes neglected part of the wedding fashion ensemble: the bridal jewelry sets! Stick with us and read all about these incredible accessories as well as the best place to find them.


Bridal sets or jewelry items are perhaps the most ignored and forgotten part of the wedding attire. Although there is no practical reason why this happens, reality and statistics have shown that ladies oftentimes worry about the dress, first of all, the veil, secondly, and then if they have sufficient time they will start thinking about a necklace to wear or something to cover their neckline. And if their dress does not show too much cleavage, they can skip this step altogether. What a huge mistake! Regardless of the type and cut of the gown or the location of the party and any other motives, there is no reason to neglect the most stylish and important part of a look: the accessories.


Never forget that a complete look is never finished without at least one piece of accessory and this is precisely where the bridal sets come into place. You will have no problem mixing and matching the earring and bracelets together as the modern day sets are already combined in perfect harmony by the best specialists in the industry. Stop wasting time searching in traditional stores in your local area because the odds are you won’t find precisely what you are looking for. Instead, turn your focus to the online environment and start browsing the many web platforms dedicated to selling and delivering wedding accessories and bridal jewelry items. Go with a classic look of elegance by wearing white freshwater pearls and gems or give your look a more avant-garde feel with ivory or off-white pearls and gems. Crystals are almost always recommended for an event of this magnitude so don’t be afraid to bring a little shine and sparkle into your life!

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