Celebrities and their passion for fashion

Sep 26, 12 Celebrities and their passion for fashion

World – wide known actors, singers, famous people have been spotted various times wearing clothes signed by fabulous designers. They might have a contract with these, to wear their clothes or they could simply ask to dress them up for the red carpet events. Still, there are house designers looking for starts to represent their reputation. Either way, we all love fashion! It’s just that some have the luck to get the latest clothes signed by great designers and others have to wait for them to be on sale in stores. Rumors are on their way, some proving out to be true, others still remaining a secret for the public eye. Get a glance at the latest news involving both celebrities and also famous fashion designers and their fabulous creations.

Adele about to design for Burberry – a fact or a rumor?


A newsflash encountered in the Vogue magazine, mentions the fact that the famous singer Adele will collaborate with her favorite designer, Burberry. She’s been caught various times wearing clothes of this famous brand and she also affirmed that she is definitely a fan of this designer – “I’ve always loved Burberry. I remember saving for three years to get my first bag before I got signed”. Will she be the next plus-size design for the new collection? She refused to say a word about it, presently being a pregnant woman.

Kristen Stewart, a cover face for Vogue’s next number


More people have criticized this actress which managed to become super popular thanks to her apparition in the Twilight Saga. She’s said to be the precise description of her character – plain. With no proper expressions, she’s also not photogenic at all. Still, she managed to make the front page of various magazines, now being a public face on Vogue’s number for October. Kristen Stewart has been in a constant view of the paparazzi, due to her break up from her boyfriend and also co-worker. In this magazine you’ll also find out about her fame and her personal opinion about her public image, a subject enough disputed in the past. For keeping up to date with celebrities and their involvement with and influence on the world of fashion, visit www.celebritysparkle.com and get the news that keep you posted.

Victoria’s secret revealed by Zephyrs 


How many times did it happened for you to stare at the gorgeous designs signed by Victoria, still you weren’t able to even try at least one of them? She’s got her prices raised too high for the everyday customer and the sales have been going down for a while. The gorgeous lingerie house design has been sued by Zephyrs for 15 million dollars for lying to the customers and designing cheaper products. Somehow the Italian incredible quality seemed to have vanished away. Should this be a negative impact over the Victoria’s Secret image or will her sales grow higher once the prices have been lowered down?

Sexy Rihanna wanted by Armani

If Styleite caught the beautiful singer Rihanna wearing a spectacular dress signed by Marc Jacobs at her interview with Oprah, Armani managed to pull out the strings having her as the public image for the lingerie collection. Not only that she impressed her fans with her sensual appeal in the lacy bikinis and bras, but she also posed for the jeans collection Armani has been so busy fitting it into the fashion radar. There’s more that style when it comes to fashion. All women love it, but some celebrities transmit their passion about this theme through their public apparitions or marketing campaigns.