Details worth considering when looking for abayas

Mar 06, 17 Details worth considering when looking for abayas


Abayas are known as a fashion-icon when it comes to the Arabic culture, yet they are not worn only by Muslim women. Females from all over the world who love to be in trends look for these clothing items in stores, either land-based or online ones. However, in order to ensure you select an abaya of the highest quality, there are some important aspects worth considering, so here are some useful tips for you if you want to buy abayas online.


Know that abayas come in a wide range of materials and fabrics. There are several essential details you have to take into account when choosing the right abaya for you and one of them is the climate. If you live in a country where temperatures are high most part of the year, it is recommended to go for lighter-weight materials, such as velvet or silk, especially if you intend to wear pants or skirts underneath this piece of clothing, whereas for cooler climates, you can select velvet abayas.


Even though abayas are loose garments, fit is still an important detail to consider, since there are different types of clothes according to different body shapes. Those that come looser on the bottom part are recommended for women with pear-shape body type, whereas those that are more voluminous are a better choice for slender women. For females who wear heels on a daily basis, the abaya should always be several inches longer to make sure it fits them perfectly.


Traditional abayas come in black, yet this is not the only colour you can find on the market. Depending on the occasion you intend to wear this clothing item, you can opt for different designs and colours, such as red, green, blue, purple and so on. For instance, you can go for a black abaya that has some astonishing red and gold embroidery applied on the sleeves and match it with a gold or red hijab.


As it was mentioned above, the occasion is a detail worth considering when choosing which abaya to wear. For special occasions such as weddings, it is recommended to opt for an abaya that comes with some metallic or lace fabrics applied on the black material, as this outfit will definitely make you stand out.

All things considered, choosing the perfect abaya to buy is not as complicated as it seems if you take into account these useful tips.