Fantastic ribbons and 60s make-up for vintage brides

Nov 27, 14 Fantastic ribbons and 60s make-up for vintage brides

All women dream about their wedding days since they are little girls. They all imagine themselves wearing a long, white princess dress, shining like real stars the moment they step in the church. A dream wedding is often filled with flowers, warm colors and a lot of love, this is what most women imagine. When the big day actually arrives, a lot of decisions have to be taken. Finding the restaurant, thinking of the menu, picking out the flower, all steps in the actual wedding planning are important. Still, there is really no moment more important or more emotional than choosing the right wedding dress. If you have decided for such a gown of your own, perhaps you might find the following pieces of information to be rather helpful.


As you might have noticed, the vintage style is in right now. It seems that some of the world’s greatest designers are looking back in history, finding their inspiration there, in some of the greatest outfits of all times. Wedding dresses could not have been an exception to the rule. As a result, most brides will be introduced to some rather interesting, vintage designs that are sure to dazzle and impress them. Most brides seem to choose the vintage design wedding dresses, as they feel that femininity and classic lines are exactly what they want in their big day. Once you decide to choose such a gown, you have to find a proper hairdo and make-up to complete the image. According to stylists and looking at the approach designers chose for the catwalk when presenting such gowns, it seems that the 60s are the richest in hairdos and make-ups. A detail that not many soon to be brides know of is that a strong make-up is needed. It is true that some women prefer the ethereal, natural look and keep on insisting on wearing as little make-up as possible The fact of the matter is that strong make-up will help you look impeccable in the wedding pictures, which is something you might want. The 60s make-up is exactly what brides need. Black eyeliner, long eyelashes and red lips, this is what the classic 60s make-up looks like. It will fit perfectly with the dress and the weeding pictures will be stunning.


As far as the hairdo is considered, what you need to focus upon is choosing one that fits the dress and the make-up, as well. Luckily, the 60s are just what you need. There is nothing that speaks more of femininity than a few fantastic ribbons strategically placed in the bride’s hair. For instance, you could choose the Brigitte Bardot hairdo, a simple loop of hair, a lot of volume and big black bow that is tied around it. The contrast between the black bow and the wedding dress will be just the touch of style that will surely impress all your guests. This is merely a suggestion, as there are plenty of options out there. However, spoil yourself and get the 60s hairdo, just for fun. You never known, it might just be what you are looking for.

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