Find out the latest trends in tattoos

Aug 17, 17 Find out the latest trends in tattoos


Trends are ephemeral, whether we talk about fashion, design, make-up or even tattoos. People who make the decision to ink their skin permanently should consider a representative and authentic tattoo that will celebrate their individuality and differentiate themselves from others. Regarding the sources of inspiration, internet represents the ideal place for you to conduct a thorough research on tattoos and to stimulate your imagination and creativity.  Check out tattoo galleries and different tattooed models in order to get a realistic idea about the results. If you still have doubts or certain questions concerning the perfect tattoo design or the whole process, you can engage into a long conversation with the tattoo artist for further clarifications. In addition, in this article we will list three of the most popular tattoos trends. Consider the meanings of these designs and decide which one is best for you.

Mandala design

Certain people decide to get a tattoo having a certain memory or person engraved in their heart and mind. Therefore, a piece of art on their body is perfect for illustrating the strong feelings and emotions caused by a significant event in their life. On the other hand, tattoos can also be considered as permanent accessories with the sole purpose of accentuating beauty and charm. Whatever the reasons, a mandala design can be described both as meaningful and interesting. The style is characterized by triangles and squares giving you a geometrical vibe. In the distant past, this type of artwork was an essential representative part of religion, namely Hinduism and Buddhism. In terms of meaning, mandala tattoos represent the universe and inspire perfection, spirituality, harmony and eternity.

Hashtags tattoos

Technology and media platforms have a deep influence on the modern culture and the tattoo industry is not an exception. Besides the fact that many people use Instagram and Twitter as a source of ideas for their tattoos, the hashtags trend also originated from the internet and has now landed on people’s skin. In the online world, hashtags are created by combining a certain sign called hash character with different words or phrases. Basically, this tattoo helps you render a whole story or concept into a simple word or phrase. For this reason in particular, people choose it as a way to express certain experiences or significant moments from their past.

Arrow tattoos

The arrow tattoo is the perfect choice for beginners because it does not require much time and the level of pain is considerably low. If you want a simple, elegant and esthetically appealing piece of work, look no further because you just found the ideal tattoo. However, you should also take into consideration the various meanings depending on the type of design. Generally, arrow tattoos have a positive meaning, but according to every culture, there are different significations. In Native American culture, arrows were used for hunting and they symbolize protection and friendship. In addition, they represent peace, achievement, overcoming difficult times and situations. Because of this variety of symbols, people choose to ink their skin with an arrow design.