How to Find the Right Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

Aug 08, 14 How to Find the Right Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

You may think that choosing a new hair color is easy. You may be tempted to see other girls that have vibrant interesting colors and you would like to have the exactly the same hair. It doesn’t mean that if you had the same hair color you would look the same as good as they look. Choosing the right color is a more complex decision than you may think. After some careful research on one of our favorite hair color websites,, we made up some rules which should help you find the perfect hair color.

The factors that influence the type of your skin tone

Your skin sensitivity – which is translated into how fast your skin tends to get burnt when you’re in the sun. If it gets burnt quickly then you probably have a paler skin. If it rarely gets burnt then you have a more yellow-olivish skin tone. If you tend to get burnt quickly you are allowed to go for lighter hair colors too.
Your eyes – the best hair color should compliment your best facial features. The eyes are very expressive and very beautiful just the way they are. You may think that the blue or green eyes are the prettiest but you may be wrong. Brown eyes which are complimented by a gorgeous hair color and make up can be even more beautiful. People who have blue or green eyes usually have a lighter skin tone than those who have brown or dark eyes, which entitles them to wear basically any kind of hair color they want as long as it has the same undertone as their skin.
The presence of freckles – this feature doesn’t tell too much about your skin tone but it tells enough things about your complexion’s imperfections. For example if you have many freckles you probably wouldn’t risk choosing a very light blonde unless you would use foundation on a daily basis.

Warm or Cool undertone

Your skin tone may be very light, fair or pink, medium light, dark medium, brown or very dark.
Pay attention to what kind of jewelry you look the best with. If gold looks the best on you then you must have warm skin undertone. If it’s the silver that looks the best on you then you must have a cool undertone. The undertone of your complexion must be the undertone of your desired hair color. For example if you have a warm skin undertone and you want to turn into a blonde you must not choose a glacial blonde and choose instead a warm sunny blonde. The lighter your skin tone is the larger the range of colors that you can use. If you really want to have a certain color in your hair then go for highlights. Use your natural color as a base and then have some highlights of any desired color. If this is out of date for you then you should try some ombre effects.