Should you wear boots all year long?

Jan 25, 16 Should you wear boots all year long?

When it comes to boots, most people usually believe these fashion items can only be worn during cold season, which is not true. Many young people, but not only, wear them in summer too. It only depends on the way you match your boots with your clothes and accessorize your outfit. Whether they are some knee-length boots, or a pair of fly London boots that only reaches the ankle, you have to know how to wear them during summer.

What do fashion specialists say?

Most fashion specialists say that if you know how to make your outfit look outstanding and manage to catch other’s attention, but in a good way, wearing boots in summer should not be a problem. Learn how to accessorize your boots and how to match them with the clothes you are wearing that day in order to make sure everything looks perfect.

How you can wear boots in summer

The combination of boots and dresses is probably the most common one during the hot season. In this case, some people say that if you choose a short dress, you should match it with a pair of long boots. However, if you opt for short boots, you should definitely accessorize them with a longer dress. Another popular combination is boots with jeans. Usually, jeans work well with nearly any type of boots, the main difference consisting in what you choose to wear on the top. A good option for summer might be those boots that have a laser cut design for instance, especially if you wear a pair of skinny jeans that you have rolled up a few times.

Useful advice on how to be fashionable

Fashion experts recommend not wearing for instance golden boots with other clothes that are too colourful, because this will only make you look like a rainbow. You should not wear boots that are similar with your coat too. In case you have a fur-trim parka, you should not accessorize it with fur-trim boots too, because this does not look good in any way. It is also important to match your hemlines when wearing boots. Make sure your dress, skirt or even coat is above your boots in order not to achieve a bad look. You can choose some mid-calf boots for example, and wear a dress or skirt that hits your knees to create a good outfit for the day.