Sporty clothes – from the gym to the runways

Jun 24, 16 Sporty clothes – from the gym to the runways

Lately, fashion has become more and more permissive and designers tend to make use of some of the most daring sources of inspiration. Among these, there is one field that has gained popularity in particular: sports. In the past few seasons, street style seems to have been invaded by this new trend where people wear comfortable and sporty garments and accessories on a daily basis. While some time ago, this used to be considered a fashion crime, nowadays there is nothing unusual in wearing sneakers at work or combining jerseys and high heels. What is more, athletic inspired attires are dominating the streets, dedicated magazines, blogs and even runways. Sporty looks have been around for some time now, since they are both stylish and comfortable, so seeing them on the runway is no longer something strange. Famous designers and fashion bloggers have launched this trend, so more and more men and women have understood its importance, taking it out onto the streets. But how did this happen and why is the trend so popular?


It is extremely convenient

Over the years, many individuals have complained about the fact that looking good requires too much effort and sometimes even sacrifices. For women, wearing high heels was a mandatory etiquette when attending a party, cocktail and even when going to work. However, this is no longer something obligatory, due to the loose boundaries of fashion. Today you can completely rock an office attire wearing Reebok Classic and a pencil skirt, because almost any combination is permitted.  The result will look amazing and in addition to this, will definitely make you feel comfortable, so why not try it? Everyone is amazed by this trend, especially because finally, designers have managed to come up with something neat, stylish, comfortable and easy to transpose into daily outfits.


It is versatile

Whether you are a fan of football, baseball or tennis, you can now find inspiration in these sports for your day to day outfits. From traditional caps to printed jerseys, baggy sweatpants, letterman jackets and colorful sneakers, these can be all worn in some of the most daring and original combinations. Given its incredible versatility, it seems that people cannot get enough of the sporty influence, so the trend is here to say for some more seasons. This means that in case you have never thought about it, it is time you made some changes in your wardrobe. Visit and order fashionable and comfortable clothing items that you can match with absolutely anything: heels, blazers and jeans – these are only some of the most basic mixes you can and should try as soon as possible. Regardless of where you are going, an athletic touch will make you look on point and will prove everybody that you dare to experience as far as your personal style is concerned. Sneakers, caps, logos, boxing shorts, you name it – they are all in style at the moment so purchase one right away!