Wearing statement jewellery – rules to follow

Sep 21, 16 Wearing statement jewellery – rules to follow

It is generally agreed that jewelleries can actually bring life to an outfit and they can make it suitable for different types of occasions, which is why most women always like to renew their accessory collection with some new pieces every once in a while. However, things are slightly different when it comes to statement accessories, since in order to look fashionable and amaze everyone, you need to follow some important rules after you buy women’s jewellery from a reliable and professional online store.


Too much is not good

Statement accessories are to be paid greater attention compared to regular ones. Bold pieces are meant to make you stand out from the crowd, so do not exaggerate with them and over-crowd your look by wearing statement jewelleries that are too close to each other. It is best to wear them one at a time, but if you really want to wear two pieces at once, make sure you combine a necklace or earrings with a statement bracelet for instance, and never bold necklace and earrings at the same time.

Simplicity remains the most complicated thing

These big jewelleries are best accessorized with simple, plain clothes. Fashion experts claim that it is advisable to avoid wearing clothes that come in a specific pattern or design with statement jewelleries, since this will make your look over-crowded. Going for a little black dress with an attention-grabbing piece of statement jewellery is the best choice you can make for a cocktail part of a Friday night out with your friends.

Earrings have their own secrets

Keep in mind that earrings are not as easy to choose as many might think, since you have to take into consideration certain factors. They will immediately attract others attention towards you the moment you walk into the room, so make sure they perfectly frame your face. They should match the shape of your face and should enhance your features as well, especially if it is about statement earrings. Pay attention to every detail when choosing the right pair, including length, shape, colour and outfit coordination.

Adorn your arms with cuff bracelets

It is generally agreed that cuff bracelets can be a great choice for wearing statement jewellery. In case you decide to accessorize your outfit with some big bracelets, you should bear in mind that you have to either leave your arms bare or wear the cuffs over slim-fitting long sleeve that comes in one colour only. What is more, you should wear only one cuff in order to attract more attention and create a focal point.

Rules for wearing big rings

Bold rings are definitely gorgeous and they draw attention to hands immediately, but knowing how to wear them, that is the tricky thing. When wearing big rings, it is important to make sure you also have had your manicure and your nails look perfect, since people will notice your nails right after noticing the ring. The colour of the nail polish should not clash with the colours the ring comes with, which is why it is not recommended to wear a colourful bold ring with colourful manicures.